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Exploring Agassiz

With so much to see and to do in Agassiz, we offer our space and our volunteers to help guide you through our museum!  Whether it’s dropping in for the afternoon, or if you have a genealogy group that would like to see how we archive our artifacts, we are more than happy to show you our facility!


We welcome tours and researchers by appointment. 

Please call or e-mail ahead for a booking!

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Self-Guided Historic
Walking Tours

We are proud to release four new Self-Guided Historic Walking Tours brochures. The brochures can be picked up at the Museum, Tourism Harrison, Kilby Historic Site, Sasquatch Inn, and Sandpiper Golf Course.  Get to know the local history by walking in the footsteps of the people that brought it to life! 


And get to know the Agassiz of today, with stopping by a local cafe or bakery on your adventure!

Pick up an assortment of brochures at the Museum/Visitor Centre!

  • Downtown Agassiz

  • Old Cemetery

  • Harrison Hot Springs

  • Harrison Mills

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