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Archives & Collections

At the Agassiz Harrison Museum, our archives house tens of thousands of artifacts, ranging from photo material including micro film, polaroid negatives and reproduction prints, to long lost items such as vintage, turn of the century cash registers, CPR memorabilia and even natural history specimens.


If you’re interested in delving into the history of Agassiz, Harrison and the District of Kent, then this might be the perfect place to start! Our archives contain photographs, newspapers, subject files, biography files, maps, documents and manuscripts from different people and organization.


Photo Collection

Our collection of original photos, negatives and polaroid pictures span decades and feature well known Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs and Harrison Mills families. Photos of  CPR machinery, logging and fishing equipment as well as local businesses can be found in the archives.



Newspaper Collection

The newspaper collection dates back to the 1920's starting with the Agassiz Record, then the Agassiz Advance and finally with the current paper that is released as a weekly editorial, the Agassiz Observer. 

Whether you are looking for  mile-stone events in local or regional history or conducting genealogical research you’re bound to find something of  interest.

2009-07-12 Agassiz Harrison Scenery (38).jpg

Documents Collection

Looking for that special map, record or document?


Our documents collection contains hundreds of copies of local maps, business records, books and pamphlets. We even business receipt books dating back to 1912!  If you’re looking to cross reference your data, this will be the place for you.


Textiles Collection

A great way to experience the past is through the window of fashion and how it has changed over time.


Our on-site textile collection features artifacts from notable Agassiz families, military uniforms,  and period clothing. Beautifully beaded flapper dresses or vibrantly coloured 1970's clothing can be found on display.



Objects Collection

Our collection houses a large number of donated or acquisitioned artifacts from around the Agassiz, Harrison and District of Kent area.  From items that you might have seen in your grandparents home, to polished silver used in a opulent CPR dining car, you’re bound to find something that piques your interest while looking through our displays!  


Indigenous Collections

With artifacts ranging from stone tools that once were used for fashioning clothing and making food, to baskets that transported goods to and from various villages, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of indigenous ancestor's every day life.


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