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Caboose & Speeder 

The caboose and speeder that are housed in front of the museum, are one of the crowning treasures of the Society's collection. 

With the help of community partners, the Museum has been able to restore the exterior of the caboose to it's original 1949 colours.  Plans are underway to restore the interior and will be open to the public in May of 2024!

Thank you to the Tycrop Team!

Membership Photo 2.jpeg

Museum Windows 

The Agassiz CPR train station was built in 1893 and has been an significant part of the landscape ever since. With the aging of the building, the Historical Society has started moving forward with repairing the windows that have fallen to disrepair over the years. We are planning on work to start the summer of 2024.

The support of the community is critical for this project to succeed. Fundraising events and initiatives including raffle tickets will go directly to this projects to help protect the Museum and the artifacts that it houses for present and future generations

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