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The Agassiz-Harrison Museum Archives contain an extensive collection of newspapers dating from 1923 to present.  This collection includes copies of the Agassiz Record (1923-1924), The Agassiz Advance (1930-1999), The Agassiz-Harrison Observer (1990-Present), and The Voice (2005-2006).  These newspapers, however, are not currently available for public viewing because of their delicate nature.  They can be viewed by trained staff if specific information is submitted using our research request form.  We expect to have a database of headlines posted very soon so that you may have an idea of what we have available.  Please check back for updates.

The Pioneer Mother, Feb. 1942

From The Agassiz Harrison Advance Newspaper, February 11, 1942:


Flames Anew Today

THINK BACK to the old days – when Canada was young. Think of the high courage, the indomitable will of those pioneer women. Within the stockade or in the open field, they toiled – yes, fought – by the side of their men for the safeguarding of everything they held dear.

In the hearts of the women of Canada, this old spirit flames anew today! Gone are the heavy muskets, the log barricades – but the love of freedom, the stubborn resolve to win through at all costs – these things remain unchanged, unchangeable!

Grimly quenching their tears, mothers say, “God bless you” to their fighting sons – everywhere young women are serving where duty calls – the women of Canada are bound together in one common cause.

In thousands of Canadian homes, women are revising their family budgets, planning new economies, making extra sacrifices – so that more and more money will be available for the purchase of Victory Bonds.

They know – these women of Canada – that every dollar loaned now means more tanks – more guns – more planes – more ships – more of everything which is needed to smash Hitlerism and bring Peace to all the family hearths of the world.

[The Pioneer Mother, Agassiz Harrison Advance Newspaper, February 11, 1942]